citrus Limonum

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Citrus Limonum has actions on the circulatory and joint system. These properties allow it to act on gastric acidity, migraines and insomnia.

Citrus Limonum or Lemon bud is a powerful drainer of the nervous and venous system. It helps to thin the venous circulation, especially in the lower limbs. With these properties, it helps relieve heavy legs and varicose veins with burning sensations.

The lemon bud can be indicated in case of digestive problems such as hiccups, acid reflux or digestive atony. It is also recommended in case of insomnia or nervousness.

Gemmotherapy or bud therapy belongs to the family of herbal therapies that help prevent and treat various health problems with the use of plants. Gemmotherapy uses only the embryonic tissues of fresh plants, trees and shrubs, that is to say, buds, young shoots and roots.