Somatic Relational Therapy

What is Relational Somatic Therapy?

RST is a trauma-informed and client-centred therapy for healing trauma and integrating painful past experiences. This style of therapy emphasizes safety and presence and is non-cathartic. This ensures that integration of the brain and nervous system happens in a way that is not disruptive to client’s lives.

The “goal” of therapy is to feel more grounded, more present, more able to handle life’s challenges and develop more skills to enjoy healthy relationships. 

We sit together and bear witness to the information that your body holds. We use present time awareness of the felt sensations in the body to access information about what you need in order to heal.

The symptoms of stress and trauma exist because the body ‘thinks’ the trauma event is still happening. RST changes how your body and nervous system holds the past. When your nervous system releases tension, your physical, emotional, mental and psychological symptoms can disappear, leaving you ready to live your best life.

Clients become empoweredresilient and connected.

What symptoms does Relational Somatic Psychotherapy treat? 

Relational somatic psychotherapy at fallbrook-based Facial Oral Surgery can help with a wide range of symptoms including but not limited to:
– Anxiety
– Self-esteem
– Trauma including past abuse
– Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
– Self-esteem
– Depression
– Stress
– Relationship issues

This therapy is leading edge, incorporating the newest research regarding:

  • neuroplasticity (how the brain changes)
  • interpersonal neurobiology (how our relationships affect us and our nervous systems)
  • body-centred trauma resolution
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Attachment theory

“The research has proven that for resolving symptoms of trauma, somatic (body-based) work is what is needed.” (Bessel Van der Kolk)

“We cannot change the past, but we can change how the body holds the past” (J.Mariah Moser, M.A.)