Hemobiographic Blood Analysis

The holographic nature of the physical body means every cell or every part of the body has a complete image of the whole physical body.  For centuries people have studied the hologram in the ear, foot, and tongue, etc.  By studying the living blood,  holograms can be viewed.   Many religions have considered he blood sacred abd believe the soul or the spirit is in the blood.

Holographic images or symplasts appear in live blood, to show us, or gives us clues as to what disease process is happening in the body.  Symplasts are crystalline precipitations.  They are created by blood’s energy field.  They are representations of what is going on, or the existing factors in the body and mind. 

Symplasts represent emotional stated as well as distressed organs and structures.  It is very important to find the right type of in-home caregiver in California. Disease begins within,   “we have met the enemy and he is us”.  To say that emotion causes disease is an over-simplification.  Emotion is a factor in disease causation.