A new Approach to Cancer

We emphasize education, prevention, treatment and optimal health of mind, body, and spirit. Therapies include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, physical medicine, and lifestyle counseling. Combining conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine supports the pursuit of best possible outcomes for patients.

With an integrative oncology approach, all providers work together to improve quality of life. The goal of collaboration is to support optimal health and well-being: physically, mentally, and emotionally  .

  You are not alone in feeling unsure, uneasy, and perhaps even scared about the treatments and the diagnosis you’ve been blind-sided.

 We employ the most evidence-based and clinically validated treatments to keep you strong.

  • Protect your organs and vulnerable tissues.
  • Reduce the risk of treatment delays.
  • Maintain your ability to keep moving forward and live your life.
  • Avoid common treatment complications.
  • Get to your treatment finish line in the best possible shape.

Patients benefit from collaborative care at all stages.

  • At the time of diagnosis: to educate the patient and plan for care.
  • During active treatment: to reduce side effects and support the outcomes of conventional care.
  • Post-treatment: to help with recovery and support prevention of recurrence with healthy lifestyle education.

Through natural and supportive therapies reduce side effects, support conventional care, and prevent a recurrence.

Treatment options we provide: 

Botanical Medicine

Botanical Medicine is an important part of integrative cancer care. Many of the most potent chemotherapeutic agents were originally derived from herbs. Herbs are showing great promise in the supportive care of cancer patients and in the context of prevention.

Cancer Diet

One of the most crucial aspects of treating cancer is diet.  Conventional treatments for cancer focus mostly on treating the local tumor. Naturopathic medicine emphasizes the whole health of the individual including their diet. Our Naturopathic oncologist educates patients undergoing treatment on what to eat and how much they should eat considering your current standard treatments, their current state of health, and the progression of the disease.

The Mechanism of Action of Vitamin C in Cancer

Vitamin C is an important extracellular anti-oxidant and plays a role in a host of biochemical reactions in the body. Vitamin C has been validated as supportive therapy in case studies, Preclinical trials and cancer cell research. The results of these studies show that vitamin C acts in the following ways: Selective Cytotoxicity (cancer cell killing) Effect – vitamin c in high doses leads to the production of large amounts of hydrogen peroxide in the connective tissue of the body. Hydrogen peroxide is an important oxidative molecule involved in many immune reactions in the body. In healthy cells the hydrogen peroxide is absorbed and then quenched with intra-cellular anti-oxidants, but in cancer cells they often lack sufficient levels of anti-oxidants so hydrogen peroxide will build up. As levels of hydrogen peroxide rise in cancer cells they eventually go through apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Mistletoe Injections for Cancer

. Recently, Mistletoe was postulated to have anticancer effects by anthroposophy creator Rudolf Steiner. It has become the most commonly used natural cancer therapy in Europe and has been validated by clinical trials. 

European Mistletoe has been widely studied both for its mechanism of action and its clinical effects on cancer patients. Current research has shown the following therapeutic mechanisms of action for mistletoe:

  • Direct cytotoxic (cancer cell killing) effect –
  • Inhibition of tumour growth and metastasis
  • Strong Immunostimulant
  • Selective Cytoprotection – protect the DNA of healthy immune cells.
  • Strong Neuro-Endocrine Support, improved energy, sleep, appetite, and reduced pain.

Many clinical trials and review articles have been conducted which validate the effectiveness of mistletoe in solid tumors like breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer as well as leukemia and multiple myeloma.

Mistletoe or Viscum Album is a safe therapy that has been used as a medicine for a long time for disorders of the heart and circulatory disorders and arthritis, as well.


Combining CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE and NATUROPATHIC Medicine supports the pursuit of best possible outcomes for patients.

What is our Alternative Cancer Treatment Strategy?

  1. Attack the Cancer to stop tumor(s) growth is the first step. This allows us to focus on regression or shrinking of the tumor(s) and onward, until complete dissipation.
  2. Restoration of the body’s natural cancer-fighting mechanisms which include normalizing the regulatory mechanisms responsible for cellular metabolism, defense, repair and detoxification.
  3. Attain and maintain remission status

Cancer Cells In a Healthy Body

Research has shown that cancer cells develop in every human being. Because of the body’s natural defense system which consists of an immune surveillance system, a repair mechanism, and other regulatory mechanisms; cancer cells in a healthy body are identified and destroyed before they become tumors. As long as this natural defense system is functioning properly, the body is able to protect itself from cancer.

Cancer Cells in an Unhealthy Body

In all cancer patients, the body’s natural defense system is functioning poorly. In turn, when a cancer cell is present, it is not destroyed, allowing for growth opportunities. This is why restoration of the body’s natural defense system is critical following a diagnosis of cancer and should be included as part of any cancer treatment, however, this is often not the case in conventional therapies.

Getting to the Bottom of Your Cancer

It is only through a comprehensive, individualized evaluation of the patient that the contributing factors leading to the cancer diagnosis are identified, as they differ for each patient, even if they have the same diagnosis. What are some of these contributing factors?

  • Nutritional imbalance
  • Improper diet
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Presence of chronic infections
  • Presence of toxicity
  • Psychological and other immune-suppressive factors can also play a significant part in the development of bladder cancer.

By eliminating these contributing factors, healing and long term prevention frequently occur; making alternative cancer treatments a worthwhile option to consider.

Our treatment protocols can be administered at any stage of your existing treatment, and in the following ways, depending on your situation:

  • Concurrently, Alongside Conventional Therapies.
  • Following Completion of Conventional Therapies.
  • As a First and Primary Treatment After Diagnosis.
  • As a Primary Treatment when Conventional Therapy is no Longer an Option.

Our Alternative Treatment Approach

We offer a full immuno-biological treatment program that aims to not only attack the cancer, but also restore the body’s natural defense and regulatory mechanisms including the immune system and detoxification pathways. Through this holistic approach, we are able to identify and treat the underlying causes of the cancer as well as increase the body’s health, and enhance the quality of life for our patients.

Naturopathic support may be used to help manage these side effects:

Things to Consider

Although conventional medical treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy have come a long way in their ability to eradicate cancer cells and tumors, these treatments are aimed only at the destruction of the tumor or malignancy and ignore, sometimes even aggravate, the underlying disease conditions which led to the formation of cancer in the first place. Unless the cause and preconditions of the initial cancer occurrence are corrected, a high risk of disease progression and recurrence remains.

Unfortunately, this is what we commonly see in the traditional medical system. For example, after receiving only conventional treatment, cancer patients often believe that they are cured because their cancer is in remission, only to discover, sometimes only months later, that their cancer is back and more aggressive than it was the first time. By looking at the underlying causes of cancer, alternative cancer treatments help your body fight off the recurring cancer cells by boosting your immune system. Ultimately, this treatment protocol provides patients the best chance of staying cancer free long term.