Cercis Siliquastrum 60 ml Organic

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Cercis Siliquastrum has an action on the peripheral circulatory system.

Cerci Siliquastrum or bud of the Judas tree intervenes in the disorders of coagulation. As a result, it acts on the various forms of cerebral, hepatic and renal atherosclerosis. Cercis Siliquastrum may be indicated in cases of lower extremity arteritis and arteriopathy, cerebral atherosclerosis . It may also be recommended in renal atherosclerosis, LĂ©riche syndrome …

Gemmotherapy or bud therapy belongs to the family of herbal therapies that help prevent and treat various health problems with the use of plants. Gemmotherapy uses only the embryonic tissues of fresh plants, trees and shrubs, that is to say, buds, young shoots and roots.