Pleo Ut 6X

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Pleo Ut Capsules 4X
Pleo™ Ut  homeopathic remedy by SANUM/PleoSanum for the temporary pain relief of swollen lymph glands.European health practitioners report that Pleo™ Ut may be useful as supportive therapy to alleviate symptoms of chronic, sub-acute inflammations of

  • lungs
  • intestines
  • skin
  • bronchitis
  • asthma
  • gastritis
  • ulcers
  • enteritis
  • colitis
  • liver and gall bladder problems
  • dermatitis

as well as supportive therapy in conditions of weakness, especially caused by fever, rheumatic diseases, immune suppression.

Pleo Ut (Utilin) is for sub-acute and chronic inflammation and conditions of weakness. It acts as an immune modulator and increases the elimination process.