Omeoformula 3

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2 ml vials


Skin slackening and tissue revitalisation.

Bio-lifting of large areas of the body (upper and lower limbs, chest, abdomen). Firming of the gluteus muscles.

Directions:  Microneedle Roller Therapy or 

Both the collagen needle (13mm 30G).

For firming the gluteus muscles the following areas should be infiltrated:
• From the centre of the gluteus muscle proceed with 4 injection lines, in a sunburst shape (superiorly, inferiorly, towards the medial side, towards the lateral side).

• Along the subgluteal furrow.

Standard protocol according to mesotherapeutic technique using 1 or more ampoules per treatment: 1 treatment a week (average 8-10 sessions). For long-lasting results amaintenance therapy is recommended based on 3-4 sessions 1 or 2 a year.

Most common combinations:

Omeoformula 2 + Omeoformula 3 Cellulite + tissue tone treatment.

Omeoformula 1 + Omeoformula 3: Localized adiposity + tissue tone treatment.