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Lycopus 50ml – Canadian orders only

 Thyroid Support (hypo + hyperfunction)

Lycopus is used for hyperthyroid complaints, tightness in the throat, palpitation, insomnia, anxiety, nervous condition, circulatory disorders, and symptoms related to thyroid dysfunction. It regulates the sympathetic trunk by increasing the vagal tone.

Lycopus contains botanicals and nutrients (Mag phos, Calc phos) that assist in modifying and supporting thyroid activity. In addition to thyroid function, Lycopus assists in a wide range of symptoms secondary to thyroid dysfunction including sleeplessness, feelings of fear, shakiness, perspiration, tachycardia, circulation disturbances, feeling of a lump in the throat and ‘nervous’ gastrointestinal issues.

Each 100 ml contains:
• Calcarea phosphorica D8 16.8 ml
• Chininum arsenicosum D6 13.2 ml
• Lophophytum leandri D6 13.2 ml
• Lycopus virginicus D1 12.9 ml
• Magnesia phosphorica D8 16.8 ml
• Spongia tosta D1 1.1 ml
Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
• Ethanol
Suitable for vegetarians.
Recommended Dosage: Take 5 drops* in water three times daily. When improvement shows, take 1 drop daily or to be used on the advice of a health care practitioner.

*Lycopus regulates thyroid function and dosage can be customized for each patient. In cases of hyperactive thyroid (low dosage) take five to eight drops three times daily. In cases of hypoactive thyroid (higher dosage) take 15 to 25 drops three times daily. The customized individual dosage can be determined by increasing the dosage by one drop daily until the patient has a sensation like an increase heart rate, then reduce that amount by two drops and this becomes the new daily dosage.

50 ml drops