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Geovita® is used in cases of exposure to geopathic stress and electrosmog. There is a solid body of knowledge that correlates exposure to geopathic stress and the inability of the body to heal itself, which can lead to a variety of symptoms.

Symptoms of geopathic stress or electrosmog can include: sleep disorders, difficulty falling asleep, nightmares, bed wetting, children falling out of bed, abnormal exhaustion, feeling worn out/tired upon rising in the morning, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatic pain and joint issues, arrhythmias, migraines or tension headaches, muscle cramps, all chronic symptoms and diseases, learning difficulties (especially in children – ADD, ADHD), infertility, frequent miscarriages, hormonal disorders, and all cancers.

• Ferrum metallicum D6
• Silicea D12
• Cuprum metallicum D21
• Formicum acidum D21
• Cerebrinum porcine D21
Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
• alcohol
Take 5 drops three times daily or as directed by a practitioner. For acute conditions, take 5 drops up to six times daily.
50 ml drops