Emvita 16




Emvita 16

 Emotional issues addressed: You have been deeply hurt and it seems hard to believe that you will ever be able to fully trust or feel completely happy again. You may tend to anticipate things going badly. You experience anxiety or panic, but mask them with an attitude of braveness and ambition. The panic can be a true panic attack or negative thoughts that produce brief fear that you have become accustomed to. Fear of failure can make you highly competitive.

• Aconitum napellus C800
• Eschscholtzia californica LM16
• Ambra grisea LM18
• Secale cornutum D21
• Zincum metallicum D21
• Glandulae thymi D21
Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
• alcohol
Take 12 drops two times a day or as directed by a health care practitioner.
50 ml drops