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60 x 500mg capsules

Product Overview

AntiEST is an extract of Prunella vulgaris (PV), a traditional herb, which grows in most temperate areas around the world and has been used in medicinal and culinary applications for millennia. (PV), a commonly used Chinese herb considered a cooling herb and a liver tonic. When the body experiences hormone excess, the liver may not be able to process the hormone(s) as quickly or efficiently, causing a hormone imbalance. *

AntiEST uses a highly concentrated methanol extract of Prunella vulgaris, which may support hormonal balance in men and women subject to hormonal overload, promote restoration of appropriate balance, metabolism and function. *


  • Supports male & female hormonal balance *
  • Supports reproductive health *

Suggested Use: 

2 caps daily for average size person; 4 Caps daily for those needing cell cycle regulation.


none noted.