Alnus Glutinosa 1DH

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GEMMOTHERAPY In the 1950s, homeopathic doctor Dr Pol Henry had the idea of using plant buds in human therapy. He based the use of his remedies, already prescribed at the first decimal potency (1DH), on a biochemical analogy. In the 1970s, Dr Max Tetau developed a clinical approach. Using experiments and studies, an unique and effective drainage method was created, called Gemmotherapy. Gemmotherapy glycerin macerates are manufactured in accordance with the official method for homeopathic preparation in the European and French Pharmacopeia. Glycerin is used as an excipient as it allows for better extraction of the embryonic ingredients. 1 DH is the medicinal form of Gemmotherapy. This concentration allows for results in the maximum and, above all, the most consistent effect. Higher concentrations risk causing some intolerance phenomena and lower concentrations than 1DH would provide inconsistent activity.

  • Gemmotherapy preparations are derived from fresh bud extracts and other embryonic vegetal tissues.
  • Since 1932, Boiron has been committed to providing quality homeopathic medicines to health care practitioners and patients.
  • Gemmotherapy is recommended for adults 18 years of age and older.
  • Gemmotherapy preparations should be taken on the advice of a health care practitioner.