Quantity: 90 tablets

Description: Hypochlorhydria

Indications: For hypochlorhydria (gas, bloating, loss of taste for meat, halitosis, body odor, anemia, pregnancy, low mineral values per TMA testing), systemic acidification (bursitis, tendonitis, environmental sensitivities). Designed to support proper gastric function by increase sing the acid content (reducing pH) of the stomach to promote optimal food digestion and sterilization of consumed foods. Pepsin and pancreatin are sources of digestive enzymes to promote hydrolysis of proteins into amino acids

Ingredients: Betaine HCl (115 mg), glutamic acid (50 mg), ammonium chloride 35 mg), pepsin (10 mg), and vitamin B-6, but without pancreatin

Suggestion: Begin with 2 tablets with each meal, and increase by 1 tablet every three days until symptoms abate, then decrease or as directed.

Safety: Note: Chronic HCl insufficiency may indicate a thiamine or zinc deficiency