Oral drops 30 ml / 1.0 fl oz
It is our best oral formulation available for musculoskeletal complaints to improve mobility and flexibility while reducing pain.  Relief from arthritic conditions such as pain,and stiffness.

Active ingredients & Purposes:

A-ketoglutaricum acidum 3X_____Supports Cellular Respiration

A-lipoicum acidum 3X_____Antioxidant

Artery 6X_____Promotes Metabolism

Ascorbic acid 3X_____Antioxidant

Barium oxalosuccinate 3X_____Supports Cellular Respiration

Bryonia alba 6X, 8X, 12X_____Anti-inflammatory

Calcitonin 6X_____Promotes Mineralization

Cartilago 6X_____Supports Tissue Repair

Chlorinum 6X_____Strengthens Immune Response

Cimicifuga racemosa 6X, 8X, 12X_____Analgesic

Colchicum autumnale 6X, 8X, 12X_____Antioxidant

Conjunctiva tissue 6X_____Promotes Tissue Repair

Dehydroepiandrosterone 6X_____Promotes Tissue Repair

Dulcamara 6X, 8X, 12X_____Anti-inflammatory

Fibroblast growth factor 4C_____Promotes Tissue Repair

Funiculus umbilicalis 6X_____Supports Tissue Repair

Glandula suprarenalis 6X_____Anti-inflammatory

Nadidum 3X_____Promotes Cell Metabolism

Natrum oxalaceticum 3X_____Antioxidant

Nervous growth factor 4C_____Analgesic

Parathyroid gland 6X_____Metabolic Support

Placenta totalis 6X_____Revitalizing

Quinhydrone 3X_____Antioxidant

Rhus toxicodendron 6X, 8X, 12X_____For Nerve Pain

Strontium carbonicum 6X, 8X, 12X_____Analgesic

Sulfur 3X_____Skin Injuries

Vein 6X_____Promotes Metabolism