Emvita 22




Emvita 22

 Emotional issues addressed: Your mind is constantly active, you think about your obligations and it seems that your thoughts never take a break. A thousand thoughts whirl around in your mind. You have difficulty relaxing. You may experience tension, inner restlessness, worries, crowded thoughts, absentmindedness, or mental nervousness. There may be deep feelings of dissatisfaction and underlying fears of loss of power or of missing something.

• Matricaria chamomilla C800
• Iodium LM16
• Anacardium occidentale LM18
• Crotalus horridus D21
• Phosphorus D21
• Ambra grisea D21
• Pituitarum posterium porcine D21
Non-Medicinal Ingredients:
• alcohol
Take 12 drops two times a day or as directed by a health care practitioner.
50 ml drops