I ordered a beard trimmer on AliExpress for 960 rubles. Guys, this is the best buy.

I have been using trimmers for many years. For a long time it was Philips OneBlade, but at some point I got tired of buying new blades for 1300 rubles. So Braun settled on the shelf by the sink.

The downside to all these hair clippers is that they have plastic parts that move the knives. After six months, these parts wear out and the machine starts to work worse, pulling your hair and you want to go and buy something new.

Well, I ventured to order a trimmer for 960 rubles on AliExpress. I liked the design, the presence of a large screen with information about the battery charge and the material: almost all parts of the machine are made of metal, no plastic.

The trimmer arrived quickly, literally in 10 days and I already tried it on myself. Honestly, this is the best thing I have bought from the Chinese this year.

Looks brutal, shaves well.

The seller has a choice of four options for these trimmers, which differ in the presence of a screen, the information on this screen, and the battery.

All these machines have in common the presence of four attachments, long battery life and minimal noise. I chose the most sophisticated option, which still cost less than a thousand rubles.

The trimmer is quite heavy and fits comfortably in the hand. The power button is located at the end of the handle next to the USB-C charging port. There are three modes of operation, which differ in the vibration frequency of the knives.

The large screen on the handle shows the percentage of charging, which is insanely convenient, as well as in which of the three modes the machine is working at the moment. Battery life is 3 hours, charging from zero to one hundred percent also takes 3 hours.

The main thing

The description says that this trimmer is suitable for professional use, so I even took it with me and persuaded my master hairdresser to test the machine on me while cutting.

According to https://cdn-131.anonfiles.com/jdC1Dctcvf/ed10e836-1639090250/Made%20%20Shirts-manual.pdf the master, the machine

Total: a trimmer and clipper “in one”, metal, with a large screen, built-in battery, charging via USB-C and three hours of battery life costs 960 rubles. Are you still reading this text? And someone already